Nineteenth Napoleon Iii

Sous-type > Coffret

  • Cave A Liqueur Trompe L'oeil False Livres 19th Epoque Napoleon 3 Secret Box 19e
  • Brass Fillet Glove Box Marked On 19th Century Black Lacade Background Napoleon Iii Af
  • Xix Scent Box Very Good Condition Napoleon Iii
  • Box To Smells / Scents Xix Cabinetmaker Vervelle Perfume Bottles Ainé Crystal
  • Box Brass Inlaid Net Gloves On Black Lacquered Background Nineteenth Napoleon Iii Af
  • Box Napoleon Iii Brass Shell Inlay Rosewood Box Xix Century
  • Box Confectionery Charles X Fixed Under Glass Casket 19thc Early Nineteenth Chocolate
  • Crystal Glass Box Box Brass Golden Foliage Napoleon Iii Xixth Century
  • Inlaid Pearl Jewelry Box Wood Blackened Brass Tahan Napoleon Iii Nineteenth
  • Boite A Jewelry Box Pheasant Hunting Hunt Box Nineteenth Victorian French Napoleon Iii
  • Ebenisterie Jewelery Box Inlaid Xix
  • Wholesale Jewelry Box A Napoleon Iii Nineteenth Thick Glass Bevels And Brass Work
  • Rare Box Jewelery Boulle Marquetry Napoleon 3 Xix Eme