Nineteenth Napoleon Iii

Matière > Argent Massif

  • Boite Etui A Cigarettes 19th Argent Massif 800 Enamelled Inclusion Lys Flowers
  • Ancient Seal At Cacheter Era Napoleon Iii Stamp With Solid Silver Wax 19th Century
  • Rare Timbale To Silver Bees Massive Minerve Mi 19th
  • Oil Support / Sterling Silver Minerve 1st Title, Fray Goldsmith. Xixè
  • Important Hosting Support Vinaigrier Fin Xix ° Silver Poon Minerve 750g Gross
  • Sumptuous Tea Set Sterling Silver Vermeil 15 Pieces Xix Paris Box
  • Important Support Cruet Vinegar End Xix ° Silver Poincon Minerva 750g Gross
  • Very Nice Cup + Saucer Nineteenth Napoleon Iii Guilloche Silver Minerva
  • Sugar Silver Chiseled Nineteenth Goldsmith Debain Hallmark Minerva Monogram
  • Ewer Sterling Silver End England London Epoque Nineteenth
  • Old Paniere A Pain Massive Silver Xix Minerva 310 Grs
  • Sugar Tongs Massive Silver Gilt, Minerva Shells, Napoleon Iii Nineteenth
  • 16 Spoons Silver Coffee, Napoleon Iii Nineteenth
  • Service Cutlery 10 Pieces Candy Game Fish Salad Silver Napiii Nineteenth
  • Mustard Solid Silver Minerva Goldsmith Berthier Napoleon Iii Xixth Silver
  • 2 Jugs Silver Massive Silver Shells Minerva Napoleon Iii Xixth Century
  • Russian Caviar Service Sterling Silver & Vermeil Flat And Enamel Spoon Xix
  • Coffee Tea Spoons Silver Gilt Service Devaux Minerva Napoleon Iii Nineteenth